Confidence Looks So Good on You! - Adonia

Confidence Looks So Good on You!

You want to feel confident but you don't… Sound familiar? The honest truth is that this is where most women are - they want confidence but don't know how to get it. In this article I show you how to put on your best you every. single. day.

Confidence Boosters

Compare Yourself to Yourself & Smile

The thief of all joy is comparison. We were never created to be the same. Our intended purpose is to spread the love and joy of who we really are. Think about this a moment and really let it sink in. Think about the people you are attracted to. Who do you enjoy being around? What qualities do they possess? I bet you they smile, a lot. This is tip number one, wear that smile. Even if you have to fake it at first, it gets easier and easier and before you know it, you'll see yourself doing it without even thinking. All of a sudden, you are happier and not really sure why. Your smile is gorgeous, don't forget to put it on everyday!

Pump Up the Volume

Wake up, get up and get the bass beats going. Don't worry about waking the neighbors, you'll likely get them feeling good too! While the music is up, have a little dance party. No one is watching, no one is judging; you look flipping amazing! Bounce, head bang, give yourself a wide stance and open your arms wide. Cheer yourself on! There is science behind everything I'm suggesting here. Give it a try and tell me how you feel, especially if you don't believe me.  It can't hurt, right?

Change that Self Talk

Yep. I feel like us women are our own worst critics. You have got to stop beating yourself up. Stop being so mean to yourself!


What's it doing for you?

See! Clearly, not helping.

Instead of, "I'm so fat. Blech", try "I'm going to love myself more and make healthier choices" or "This body built some bomb a$s kids. Thanks body."

Truthfully, healthier choices (exercise, food, self talk) all play a HUGE roll in how you feel. Baby steps are still steps, still moving forward. Cheer yourself on! Even if you trip and fall, get back up and try again. Isn't that what a babe does when he/she is learning to walk?

Well, you are learning to be kinder to yourself. You won't be perfect the first many, many times you try. Just keep trying. You'll get there. I promise.

Feeling Better?

Now that you are more confident, go grab some of your favorite pieces from your closet and put those on. Feeling good is step number one to looking good.  Frankly, the only step that really matters.
Just as you are made unique in your gifts and talents, so is your appearance.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with how you look exactly as you are, right where you are, and right now. Give yourself that hug you so much deserve.

Here's some quick tips to maximize what you already own.

1. Look for new pairings, or ways to layer the old.

2. Make sure the fit is still right.  You don't want to big because it makes you look bigger.  You don't want too tight, you'll end up being self conscious about what may be showing or peeking through.

3. Invest in good undergarments.  If they fit and feel good, no one but you will notice.  That's how it should be.  If they are too tight, you'll not only be uncomfortable, but they'll show lines and bulges through your clothes.  Too big, you'll be messing with them all day.

Hope some of these ideas help you feel like the gorgeous woman you already are!


As always, need more tips, ideas or help with your fashion sense; stop by our shop in Lynn Haven, just outside Panama City Beach FL. We take appointments and offer personal styling sessions.

January 27, 2022 — Michele Monastra
Fall 2021 Fashion Trends That Feel Realistic - Adonia

Fall 2021 Fashion Trends That Feel Realistic

This fall, we'll be wearing bright colored sweaters, lots of denim (Judy Blue jeans are our fave), plaids and flannels in oversized jacket styles and some super matchy outfits.  We aren't ready to give up the loungewear of last year just yet.
So many fun trends this season, but these are our favorites.
Don't forget, always wear exactly what you are comfortable in.  Who cares if its trending or not?  You be you.
October 25, 2021 — Michele Monastra
About Us: How a Military Spouse Went From Homeschooling to Owning a 5 Star Boutique - Adonia

About Us: How a Military Spouse Went From Homeschooling to Owning a 5 Star Boutique

Before the Beginning

As a homeschool mom and natural creative, I would craft in the random spare moments of time I had. It was, and still is my stress relief and self care time. A friend purchased a Silhouette craft cutter and introduced me to a whole new world of crafting. While she used hers mainly for homeschool projects, I broke into the world of vinyl decals and very soon after, graphic tees, which became my favorite thing to do. It was also a favorite among friends, and locals! I loved designing and making the graphic tees; while everyone else loved wearing them!  This was my first step into the wide world of fashion!

While my graphic tees were keeping me busy; as a military wife, eventually it was time to move. Back to Alaska for our second stint there it was.  Once unpacked,  I started adding more products to better serve my customers. Graphic tees were the first in fashion for us, then those super, buttery soft leggings, then hoodies, then more fashion tops and sweaters, and not far after, a full boutique of fashion, gifts and accessories.

The Beginning

While living in Florida, my family and I spent much of our spare time at our church.  We became close to our church family volunteering, having fun and studying the Bible. I felt the move back to Alaska was an opening for me to begin what I thought was missing the last time we lived there.  A solid, and exciting Bible study. After months into trying to convince my new church why they should offer this Bible study, I knew something was just not right.  IF this is what I was supposed to be doing, it should NOT be this hard. One evening, after pulling into the driveway after one of these church meetings; I was so frustrated I couldn't even get out of my car.  I texted my husband and let him know I was headed straight back to church to pray. I needed to get on my hands and knees and pray in earnest that the Lord light whatever path I was supposed to be walking on.  I wanted to run, I felt so ready, and although I thought I knew where to go; every path continued to a dead end. The following morning is really where Adonia started. A customer, who became a close friend, suggested I open a store front. This simple comment got my wheels turning to the "what if's" and my husband was excited at the thought of getting all my tees, tops, leggings and everything else that went with it, out of our home. It was either a storage/warehouse space or a storefront.  Storefront it is!

Why We Do What We Do

When I first started Adonia, it was fun shopping for cute looks in comfortable fabrics. Our ladies loved the comfort and value we provided, but I was shocked at how many women were blind to their own natural beauty. Surprisingly, many women are uncertain about what looks good on them, aren't comfortable enough to wear something they love on someone else, or just don't know where to start when it came to practical style. My goal with Adonia is for every woman to be able to discover clothing and a style that they genuinely feel gorgeous, comfy, and confident in! No one should have to feel limited by body type, shape, size or even age! Every woman should wake up, feel inspired, be confident and comfortable in the light she was intended to radiate! Think it, believe it, do it. Our goal is for every woman to be unapologetically her truest self. That is the definition of Adonia, a deeply beautiful woman.
Exceeding expectations are the norm at Adonia. Allow us to surprise you!

What We Offer

While we started our boutique journey with custom graphic tees and buttery soft leggings, you'll now find your new favorite pair of jeans by Judy Blue, Hammer, Eunina, KanCan and more; or the dress you've been searching for to wear to work, play and church; your new favorite earring and necklace set; or a simply scented candle to gift your best friend.
We specialize in cute, comfortable clothes for all seasons and in sizes ranging from Small to 3X.
Free Styling sessions are always a favorite with our customers. While striving to make shopping Adonia the most comfortable clothes shopping experience ever, we try to assess each woman's comfort level before offering this service. It is free to anyone that asks!

Why You Should Shop With Us

Try us out and see why we have maintained a 5 star rating in our first 5 years of business. Every customer deserves to experience the Adonia way; excellent customer service, personalized styling advice and tips and high quality fabrics in comfortable, trendy styles at affordable prices. Simply put, Adonia is a place for everyone.
Our clothing is comfortable, stylish and affordable.

How to Shop with Us

Our website, of course! Check it out here!
If you enjoy shopping on your phone, we prefer our app which can be found by clicking either of the following: GooglePlay or The App Store.
In person is our favorite! Stop by and see us at 726 Ohio Ave, Lynn Haven, FL 32444. We are on highway 77, just across from Dominos pizza, sharing the same building as Liberty Tax.
Call or text us anytime with questions at 850.250.2538.
October 12, 2021 — Michele Monastra